Llongueras - Mediterran.IA

Collection of hair looks created with Artificial Intelligence. 2024.

Llongueras and The Clueless have presented "Mediterran.IA", a beauty collection created from the combination of artificial intelligence and the companies' artistic team and composed of the most iconic looks from the brand's 60-year history and the latest style trends. To carry it out, they claim to have started from the most outstanding looks of the firm and to have analyzed market and style trends related to the brand to define the text instructions to generate the collection with artificial intelligence tools.

The collection is inspired by and set in the Mediterranean, a region intrinsic to the DNA of the brand and its founder, born in Esparraguera (Barcelona). The light, landscapes and colors of the place are reflected in the images created and help to convey the idea and the feeling, according to the company, of "a woman who brings out her most personal self with a beauty with soul, transcendent and based on feeling good and confident inside and out".

The goal of The Clueless has been to capture a beauty based on uniqueness, attitude and multisensory. The images show the models generated by artificial intelligence in scenarios that evoke traditional Mediterranean buildings and seascapes.

Creative Direction: The Clueless
Art Direction and Production: Ana Collantes and Sofía Novales